Portfolio of Paul Krey


A portfolio is a designer’s true resume. The following work was done at KreyMedia. To see work done for other companies, use the menu on the right.

Web Sites

TSA Tours web site
Designed and built
TSA Tours provides custom tours to destinations throughout the world.
Manning Group web site
The Manning Group provides moving and installation of modular office furniture.
Wigwam HOA web site
Designed and built
The Wigwam HOA site serves the homeowners of the Sunrise at Wigwam community.
Krey Baby Doll web site
Designed and built
Krey Baby dolls are of the most exquisite hand sculpted dolls in the world.


Sage Logo
Logo design for a technical writer.
Strategic Parts Logo
Designed logo and site
Logo design for a specialty parts merchant.

Flash Work

Flash slide show
Designed and created flash
Slide show for artist Robert Ball

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